July 2019

União is leader in the sugar category for Abase/Nielsen prize
In July 2019, União brand was awarded a Sales Leader Prize for 2019/Nielsen reflecting the Bahia Sales Team´s success in implementing the Company´s strategy for brand and category. Camil is leader in the Sugar Category in Salvador and it´s metropolitan region as most recalled brand, according to Nielsen´s 2019 Sales Leaders.

May 2019

Top of Mind Prize (RS) Namorado and União
In May 2019, Namorado and União brands won a Top of Mind prize for the Rio Grande do Sul state, promoted by Amanhã Magazine. The prize acknowledges brands which are present in the region´s consumer´s memories in over 100 categories. Namorado was highlighted in the Beans category with 21,5% and União Sugar with 56,1%. With over 1,200 people present, the research captured the first recall in the interviewee´s mind when asked about brands in products, services and communications categories.

Camil conquers three trophies in the EMBANEWS 2019 Prize
Camil and our packaging design agency Spice Design obtained three trophies in the 28th edition of Brazilian Packaging Prize, organized by EMBANEWS, national leading vehicle in this sector. The packagings for Camil Minuto Caseiro Rice (Design category), Camil and Camil Gourmet lines (Marketing category), were acknowledged by their innovation and quality.

March 2019

Inauguration of the new factory in Suape – PE
The inauguration of the new Suape unit, on Pernambuco´s coast, occurred on March 12th. With a built area of 6,500m² and capacity 3.5 times greater to the old factory of Recife, the industrial plant is the most modern in the region with multi-category production (rice, beans and sugar), besides having a distribution center. The Company’s strategy is to expand its leadership in the Brazilian rice, beans and sugar market, in addition to increasing efficiency in the Northeast. “The Northeast has been a focus region for Camil for years, but to increase our presence and leadership, we have invested to increase local productive capacity,” affirms Luciano.

January 2019

New Campaign Coqueiro
Innovating again in the canned fish category, Coqueiro presents its new promotion, “Beleza na Lata Coqueiro”. The star of this campaign is Naiara Azevedo, singer of the hit single “50 Reais!”. The movie of the new campaign is signed by Leo Burnett Tailor Made and is developed and produced by Bullet. From 1/15 a 4/24, over one thousand instant prizes of up to R$ 500 and two draws in the amount of R$ 50,000. The winners of the draws will also receive a pair of tickets to watch Naiara’s concert from the backstage and will be able to meet her in the dressing room as well. The movie of the campaign highlights in a modern way the benefits of eating fish and keeps the message of the brand: who eats healthily, feels better and more beautiful. The commercial starred by Naiara will be broadcast on free TV, radio, digital channels, and streaming apps as of 1/15.

December 2018

Acquisition of SLC Alimentos
We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of SLC Alimentos, another important step to Camil Alimentos. This acquisition is part of our strategy of consolidation in the markets where we operated and reinforces our entrepreneur spirit. SLC Alimentos, one of the largest grain companies in Brazil, is coming to add up and strengthen our portfolio, allowing more competitiveness and access to brands on the entire territory. Top of mind in Rio Grande do Sul with the brand Namorado, the company is present in rice, beans, and lentils segment, with a net income of R$ 512 million (2017) and evaluated at R$ 308 million. Together, we can continue our dream of feeding the Brazilian families and nourish relationships which bring more flavor to life.

November 2018

Prêmio APAS Acontece
Camil wins for the second time the Prêmio APAS Acontece, in “Grocery and Commodities” category. The Prêmio APAS Acontece Prize acknowledges the best suppliers in retail in 21 categories, including customer service and profitability of the business. This achievement results from our daily effort and commitment and reinforces our vision that every person makes the difference in someone’s life and that we exist to feed relationships which brings flavor to life.

Encontro SA Varejo
In October, Camil participated in the 1st Encontro Reservado para a Indústria, promoted by SA Varejo. The event gathered executives of large companies and discussed the challenges and the future of the relationship between industry and retail amidst digital transformation. Camil shared its case with the participants and how automation is contributing to raise results at the point of sale through the reduction of ruptures and unsold items. With regard to this subject, Camil was also mentioned as a highlight on GPA and Nuno Portugal’s lectures.

Prêmio IR Magazine
Our Relationship with Investors team is acknowledged again by the market. IR Magazine, one of the most important releases in the area with over 25 years of international actuation, awarded our executives:
o Flavio Vargas with the 1st place in the category “Best IR by CEO or CFO – Small cap”
o Guilherme Salem with the 1st place in the category “Best IR Executive with Investors– Small cap”

October 2018

Acknowledgment SAC Team (selo RA 1000)
Our Customer Service (SAC) received the selo RA 1000 team, from Reclame Aqui, due to its excellent customer service. The seal awards companies which have significant service rates carried out online, with a high level of reputation. The achievement of such rates demonstrates our commitment and closeness with our customers, besides reflecting the dedication of our customer service team and concerned areas.

September 2018

Acknowledgments Institutional Investor
We are very proud to be acknowledged. This time, our Relationship with Investors team was highlighted by Institutional Investor, an American magazine and one of the most remarkable of the financial market. It is our first year in the Stock Market and we were already considered as one of the best teams of the area in several categories, evaluated by 678 analysts and investors in Brazil and worldwide, in the segment of Food & Beverage – Small Cap:
o “Best CFO” – 2nd place in “General” category – Flavio Vargas;
o “Best IR Professional” – 2nd place in “General” and “Appointed by Buy-side Analysts” categories – Jenifer Nicolini;
o “Best Relationship Team with Investors” – 3rd place;
o “Best Relationship Team with Investors – 2nd place;
o in “General” and “Appointed by Buy-side Analysts” categories, and 1st place in “Appointed by Sell-side Analysts” category;
o “Best Event – Camil Day” – 2nd place in “General” category.



União made Rio even Sweeter!
During four weekends, on the main beaches of “Cidade Maravilhosa”, União invited the public to write phrases with actions to make Rio (and the world) sweeter. Those who attended were delighted by famous Brownie do Luiz, which has as one of it´s main ingredients our sugar: União! The best phrases were printed on the banners of the traditional single-engine airplanes that fly over the beaches to spread it´s sweetness over the shore.

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Melhores e Maiores Exame 2018
We´re in 7th place on the ranking “As Maiores e Melhores 2018” (The Largest and the Best 2018), of Exame Magazine, where over 1000 companies were assessed.

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Camil and União won a prize for best brands in the Rice, Beans and Sugar categories on a Datafolha Poll.
In a Datafolha poll “The best in São Paulo – Restaurants, Bar & Cuisine”, Camil in the Rice and Beans category and União in sugar, won for the third consecutive year as the best brands in their categories.

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Super Varejo Magazine included Camil in the “The 5 Most in 2018” in the Sugar and Tuna categories.
Super Varejo Magazine included Camil in the “The 5 Most in 2018” including Camil products in the categories below:

    • Refined Sugar: 1st place in Brasil, Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo, state and metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro, state and metropolitan area of São Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Distrito Federal, Goiás and Mato Grosso do Sul.
    • Cristal Sugar: 1st place in metropolitan area of São Paulo; 2nd place in metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro; 3rd place in the Northeast, state of São Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul; and 5th place in Brazil, Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, state of Rio de Janeiro, Distrito Federal, Goiás and Mato Grosso do Sul.
    • Sweetener: 2nd place in metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro, metropolitan area of São Paulo and state of São Paulo; 3rd place in Brazil, Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, state of Rio de Janeiro, Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul; and 5th place in the northeast, Distrito Federal, Goiás, and Mato Grosso do Sul.
    • Tuna: 2nd place in Brazil, Northeast, Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, state of Rio de Janeiro, metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro, metropolitan area of São Paulo, state of São Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Distrito Federal, Goiás and Mato Grosso do Sul.


Valor 1000 Award
Valor 1000 Awards´ 18th edition, which shows the 1000 largest companies with operations in Brazil with financial information of each company, ranked Camil on 118th position, and on 9th in the Food and Beverage category in Current Liquidity.



Launch of Arroz Camil Minuto Caseiro
In line with the main market trends of practicality and health, Camil launched a line of ready to eat rices with just one minute in the microwave for three different versions: White, wholegrain and 7 grains.

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Fispal Forum
In July 2018, Renato Accessor Costa, Industrial Director at Camil, participated as a facilitator at one of the Panels of Fispal Forum of Technology. The discussed theme was “Management of Operational Excellence: Which efficiency metrics are used in the most successful industries?” and addressed market trends. Mr. Costa contributed by commenting about the operational model at Camil, with it´s single process of factory management to reach new levels of operational performance.

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União launches Cake Mix
Always looking into innovations and to offering a complete mix of solutions to it´s consumers, the União Brand launched a new category of products; cake mix, composed by three different lines: House Favorites in orange, vanilla, coconut, carrot and corn flour; Irresistible flavors, with chocolate, gingerbread and brownie mixes; and Wholegrain Delights, which brings banana, cinnamon apple, and is the only that counts with demerara sugar and whole wheat in the composition of the recipe.

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União presents new campaign: Together we make
Thought to strengthen the bond with consumers, União´s new campaign summons the public to transform the most various occasions into unforgettable moments. Specialist in sweets and deserts, the brand desires to offer their customers the tools so that they can, together with those who they love, make the world a sweeter place.

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Launch of the Campaign: Put Coqueiro on your table
Coqueiro innovates in their communications by bringing to their new campaign “Put Coqueiro on your Table” an invitation for customers to discover new ways of enjoying canned fish, besides highlighting nutritional benefits of these two ingredients. The brand´s expectation is to continue innovating and bringing a broader vision of the versatility and nutritional value of fish. This way, reinforcing the benefits of a balanced diet with quality products.

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