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Camil Alimentos S.A.
Av. das Nações Unidas 8501, 12º floor, Pinheiros | Eldorado Business Tower
05425-070, São Paulo – SP, Brazil
E-mail: ir@camil.com.br
Phone: +55 11 3039-9200 | extension 9238 or 9237
Investor Relations
Flavio Vargas – Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer
Guilherme Salem – Investor Relations, M&A and Controller
Jenifer Nicolini – IR and M&A Coordinator
Flávio Rios – IR and M&A Analyst

The registrer for Camil’s common shares is Banco Bradesco S.A. through its Securities and Custody Department. Customer service is performed in the branches of Banco Bradesco throughout Brazil. The website containing available information is www.bradescocustodia.com.br. The contact phone number and e-mail of Bradesco are +55 11 3684-9441 and dac.escrituracao@bradesco.com.br.

To contact Camil’s press support, call (11) 3323-3774 or email camil@inpresspni.com.br

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