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Date Hour Events Local
06/26/2019 General and Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting Eldorado Business Tower
06/26/2019 1T19 – Quiet Period n.a.
07/11/2019 1T19 Earnings Release n.a.
07/12/2019 1T19 Results Conference Call n.a.
07/16/2019 NDR / Café da Manhã São Paulo
07/17/2019 NDR RJ / SP Rio de Janeiro / São Paulo
07/31/2019 Reference Form 2019 n.a.
08/26/2019 NDR Europe / London London
08/29/2019 NDR NY e Boston New York and Boston
09/17/2019 NDR BTG NY New York
10/10/2019 2T19 Earnings Release n.a.
10/11/2019 2T19 Results Conference Call n.a.
10/16/2019 NDR / Café da Manhã São Paulo
10/17/2019 NDR RJ / SP Rio de Janeiro / São Paulo
11/12/2019 JP Morgan Conference São Paulo São Paulo
11/19/2019 Bradesco NY Conference New York
11/25/2019 Itaú London Conference London
12/03/2019 Camil Day 2019 São Paulo
01/09/2020 3T19 Earnings Release n.a.
01/10/2020 3T18 Results Conference Call n.a.

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