Over the past year, we gathered efforts in reviewing our units´ actions with internal staff and external community, resulting in the construction of Camil´s Social Responsibility Strategy. Our action focus is on “Feeding and Nourishing Relationships“, unfolding into the pillars of actions which are basis to the directioners which approve and search for projects aligned to our objectives. We described below the pillars and main activities made in the past quarters:


We are more than a food company, we produce connections, relationships and inspirations in a practical and quality way through our products, always responsibly to obtain a positive impact wherever we operate. Following our Camil Social Responsibility Strategy with a focus on “Feeding and Nourishing Relations”, this quarter we had some highlights:

Reverse Logistics

Demonstrating the care with the Production Chain, we formalized the investment in Initiatives that support and enable the growth of the entire recycling chain in Brazil. Reinforcing our commitment, as a leader in the categories in which we operate, to encourage the development of proper disposal processes for the packaging of our products. For this, we support the following projects:

  • Recycle for Brazil, counts with the participation of the main companies in the food sector and has a network of more than 160 cooperatives throughout Brazil through a partnership with ANCAT (National Association of Waste Pickers and Recyclers)
  • Prolata Program, which is designed and executed by ABEAÇO (Brazilian Association of Steel Packaging) aims to serve the Reverse Logistics System of steel packaging and has 3 fronts of operation: (i) Receiving Centers, a structure aimed at receiving large volumes from partner companies; (ii) Recyclable Material Collectors’ Cooperatives, social inclusion and professionalization work, premise recommended by PNRS; and (iii) Voluntary Delivery Points (PEVs), Direct interface with the final consumer.

Covid-19 Actions 

Internal Relations: For Camil, the safety and health of each employee are priorities, which is why we invested more than R$1.5 million in equipment and initiatives to ensure safety among our employees. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 cases in Brazil and in International operations, we have established a Crisis Committee involving all areas of the company with the objective of deliberating on the actions to contain the disease in both administrative and operational areas. Among the main actions implemented, we highlight:

  • Compliance with the determinations of the Ministry of Health and government entities in each country such as the release of employees over 60 years of age, pregnant women and people at risk, in addition to the living protocols, behaviors and other guidelines related to prevention and hygiene;
  • Monitoring the determinations of the competent authorities in the regions where it operates, in Brazil and in international operations, adapting to the requirements and obligations related to the new guidelines;
  • Reinforcement of safety procedures and use of PPE’s, availability of Alcohol Gel, anticipation of the vaccination campaign, information on physical health and emotional well being;
  • Adoption of remote work (Home Office) for all employees of the corporate office;
  • Cancellation of Trips and the cancellation of Meetings, Events, Training in its face-to-face form, replaced by remote communication by electronic means;
  • Intensive internal campaign on Covid-19, involving all employees who are in the Home Office or in the Units (Ex. Use of Chartered Transport, Distance rules in cafeterias / changing rooms / common areas);
  • #vamospracima (“le’ts go”) campaign valuing our employees in their day-to-day work, aligned to our purpose and values;
  • Strengthening leadership role in the face of demand for productivity and social distancing, keeping the focus on results and engagement;
  • Approaching investors and the financial community through the participation of events, non-deal roadshows, lives, meetings and other interactions in a virtual and remote manner;
  • Food donations, purchase of equipment and assistance to communities where we have units with the active participation of our employees .

Relations with the Community: As one of the largest food companies in Brazil, we reaffirm our commitment to society, helping to combat the impacts of Covid-19 in the communities in which we operate. We have allocated over R$ 1 million in donations for various initiatives: purchase of equipment and utensils for health services in the municipalities where we operate and over 200 tons of products distributed to the most vulnerable population. The investments were destined for the purchase of hospital equipment and materials for the Health Services of the cities where our factories are located. Since the beginning of the Pandemic, we have donated over 200 tons in products, in addition to donations the Company has done in a monthly basis. We prioritize initiatives that operate in the cities where our Productive Units are located, thus contributing to the community in which we operate, such as the City Hall of Aparecida de Goiânia (GO), Cabo de Santo Agostinho (PE) and Itapecuru (MA). To increase the impact of our donations, we support Lives concerts fundraising campaigns by brazilian singers like Luan Santana, Diogo Nogueira, Anitta and Joelma, which enabled the distribution of our donations to reach those who need it most, such as CUFA (Central Única das Favelas) and UNICEF. An internal food donation campaign was also carried out with our employees, participating actively and collaborating with these food donations.


During the past year we concentrated efforts in revising actions of our units with internal employees and the external community, this resulted in building Camil´s Social Responsibility Strategy. Our focus is on acting in “Feeding and Nourishing Relationships”, which unfolds into the pillars which support our directioners for the approval and search of projects aligned to our objectives. Described below are the main activities and pillars carried out during the past year:

Internal Relations: Contemplates all the care with employees in relation to Safety and Quality of Life:
o Implementation of the Quality of Life Program – Camil Healthy Life to all employees in the corporate headquarters, with directioners to other units, bringing support in physical, mental, social and financial aspects to the whole team; and
o Diagnosis Research with the Leadership about diversity and inclusion, serving as basis for the committee to plan the following year.
Relationships with the Environment: Focus on various steps in the productive chain, monitoring the impact in the environment and third-parties involved in the production and distribution of our products:
o Maintainance of the Dolphin Safe Certificate of our Tuna. Ensuring that fishind is made with fishing rods, reducing impact in sea life; and
o Revision in the way we act with reverse logistics: we are signatories in the Reverse Logistics Coalition at ABIA (Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Alimentos) and concentrate our efforts during the year searching for partners that increase our positive impact during the following years, starting in 2020.
Relationships with the Community: Actions that envolve Camil´s external communities, with focus on áreas surrounding our units, projects that support famine and malnutrition reduction, fighting food waste and responsible communication:
o Over 50 tons of food donates to various institutions, such as CREN (Centro de Referência de Educação Nutricional), Casa Hope and other regional projects;
o Donation of food which are close to the expiring date by our Experimental Kitchen to the Food Bank;
o AACD Partnership for the voluntary contribution of our employees via payroll deductions;
o Revitalize Project: sponsored by Lei de Incentivo (PROAC-ICMS), we made the revitalization in a community space and open to the public, so that the population could have a nice living space. Also offers workshops for Gardening, Grafiti and Urban Furniture to the community surrounding;
o Hungerfree christmas: for the 2nd year in a row, we were part of this campaign leaded by Citizenship Action, in total, 84 tons of food were donated, doubling the volume raised in 2018 and increasing substantially our participation in the campaign; and
o União Secret Santa: campaign occured during the Christmas period and destined R$50 thousand to the Gastromotiva ONG, to be invested in education for low income students.
Covid-19 Actions

Internal Relations: Since the beggining of Covid-19 in Brazil, we set a Crisis Committee involving all the Company´s sectors with the objective of deliberating on the necessary contension actions towards the disease regarding both management and operational sectors. Between the main actions implemented, we highlight:
o Compliance with the Health Ministry´s determinations, such as licence to employees over 60 years old, pregnant women and people in the risk group, besides the interaction protocols, behaviors and other orientations linked to prevention and hygene;
o Travels and presential meetings, events and coaching were canceled.
o Strengthening of the leadership´s roll looking at the productivity demand and remote work, keeping focus in results and engagement;
o #vamospracima campaign giving value to all our employees in the day-to day work, aligned to our purpose and values;
o Intensive internal campaign about Covid-19, to all employees in Home Office or in other Units (Ex. Chartered transport, social distancing rules in the dining halls /dressing rooms/common areas;
o Reinforcement of security measures and use of IPE´s, Alcohol in Gel was made available, anticipation of the vaccination campaign, information on physical and emotional health.

Relations with the Community: R$300 thousand were donated to buy hospital material and equipment destined to Health Services in the cities in which our factories are located. Since the beggining of the Pandemic, we donated over 202 tons in products, beside monthly donations. We prioritized actions located in the cities in which we own production units, aiding the community in which we are installed, such as Aparecida de Goiânia (GO), Cabo de Santo Agostinho (PE) and Itapecuru (MA). To increase the impact of our donations, we supported Lives that counted with donation campaigns such as Luan Santana, Diogo Nogueira, Anitta and Joelma, allowing the distribution of our donations to reach to those who most need it, such as CUFA (Central Única das Favelas) and UNICEF. An internal food donation campaign also took place with our employees. representing high participation and colaboration with the total amount of food donated.

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