The diversified portfolio of traditional brands, consolidated and recognized by the market, allows us to occupy leadership positions in our markets. The strength of our brand has been recognized in a number of awards:

Camil and União are winners of the Folha de São Paulo Top of Mind 2020 Award
Since 1991, Folha de São Paulo reveals which brands are most remembered by Brazilians. For the 2020 edition, the largest survey was conducted in 30 years, with the inclusion of new categories, adding up to 80 more segments analyzed! The Camil and União brands were winners, with three awards: União, Top Of Mind among all categories in the Southeast region of Brazil; União, Top Of Mind in the sugar category throughout Brazil; Camil, Top Of Mind in the bean category throughout Brazil.

Camil and Namorado receive Top Of Mind 2020 Award from Amanhã Magazine
The event aims to reward the brands most remembered by the gauchos, in addition to showing the impact and importance they have in the lives of consumers. The results were obtained through a survey by Revista Amanhã that captured spontaneous memories of the interviewees about the brands, collecting data from 1,200 people of both sexes, aged between 16 and 75 years old, from all social classes in the 7 mesoregions and 33 cities from Rio Grande do Sul. Bean category: 1st place – Camil; 2nd place – Namorado Rice Category: 3rd place – Namorado.

Best of the Stock Exchange Award – Infomoney
This year, Camil Alimentos was for the first time among the winners of the InfoMoney – Best of Stock Exchange!
InfoMoney annually awards the best companies on the Stock Exchange, in different sectors. The ranking is done in partnership with Ibmec and Economática, which analyze financial indicators, share performance and governance criteria. This year, Camil was awarded as Best Company in the Stock Market – silver category. The vehicle also promoted some panels of discussions between CEOs and directors of the awarded companies, and our CFO, Flávio Vargas, was one of the guests for the panel: “Perspectives for the Brazilian Industry”, which took place on November 26th.

Top of Mind RS 200 Award
The Camil and Namorado brands were awarded in the Top Of Mind Rio Grande do Sul Award, edition 2020. The Camil brand was the most remembered in the Bean category, followed by Namorado in 2nd position. Namorado was also the 3rd most remembered brand in the Rice category for the region.

Once again, the Camil and União brands were ranked 1st in the ranking of sales leaders of ABRAS (Brazilian Association of Supermarkets), in the Rice and Refined Sugar categories. The Award took place in February and was attended by our regional sales manager GSP, Welber Nazareth da Silva.

Reclame Aqui Stamp – RA 1000
The Coqueiro Brand was celebrated with the RA 1000 Service Excellence seal from the Reclame Aqui website, and joins Camil and Namorado to the company’s brands with the best customer service on the platform.

Top Supplier – Caio Award
Our Trade Marketing team took the “Jacaré do Bronze” at the Caio Award – the only award for commercial promotions, promotional marketing and business tourism – with the case “Camil Campeões de Vendas”, with the creation of a specific currency, the Tutu.

IR Magazine Award 2019 – Best CFO (small caps)

We were awarded again by the IR Magazine Award. For the second consecutive year, Camil was awarded in the category Best CEO or CFO (small cap) – 1st place for the Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer Flavio Vargas. Among the selected companies, Camil also stood out, competing for the awards for Best Investor Relations Program (small cap) and Best Investor Relations Executive (small cap).

Best Agribusiness Award 2019 – Globo Rural Magazine
Camil was recognized and awarded in the Food and Beverages category in the Best of Agribusiness 2019. The Best of Agribusiness award is a partnership between Globo Rural magazine and Serasa Experian that since 2004 attests to the work of companies in 21 agribusiness segments, considering the results financial and sustainability initiatives.

Best Companies that Communicate with Journalists Award 2019
Camil was recognized as one of the companies that best communicate with journalists – Agriculture category. The survey was carried out during the last month of September with 25 thousand journalists from all over Brazil.

Época ReclameAqui Awards 2019
We were among the 10 finalists of the Época Negócios ReclameAqui Award, which recognizes companies that provide good service to consumers. We reached the 7th place in the Food-Grocery category. The award has existed for 9 years and recognizes companies that provide good service to consumers. The selection of companies goes through strict criteria and the consumer himself chooses those that really do a good job.

APAS Acontece Award 2019
Camil Alimentos is the winner for the second consecutive year of the APAS Award happens in the category ‘Mercearia Commodity’, completing 3 years of consecutive awards.

Pernambuco Daily Prize Preferred Brands 2019
Camil was the winner in the Food category with rice in 2nd place and beans in 3rd place, being highlighted by the quality of the work and service performed and deserving of the best award that exists: public recognition.

União is leader in the Sugar Category at Abase / Nielsen 2019 Award
The União brand received the 2019 Sales Leader Award / Nielsen reflecting the success of the Bahia Sales Team and the Company’s strategy for the brand and category. Camil is the leader in the Sugar Category in Salvador and RMS as the most remembered brand, according to the 2019 Nielsen Sales Leaders Ranking.

Institutional Investor 2019 recognition to the IR team
We completed two years of Camil’s IPO at the end of September 2019 and, for the second consecutive year, the Investor Relations team was featured in the American magazine Institutional Investor. The recognition came through the Food & Beverages – Small Caps segment in the General classification for Best Investor Relations Team (3rd place), Best Event – Camil Day (2nd place) and Best Website (3rd place). In the Buy Side classification, the recognition came through the award for Best IR Professional (3rd place).

Top of Mind (RS) Award for Namorado and União 2019
The Namorado and União brands won the Top of Mind Rio Grande do Sul award, promoted by Amanhã magazine. The award recognizes the brands present in the memory of consumers in the region in more than 100 categories. Namorado stood out in the Bean category with 21.5% and Sugar União with 56.1%. With the participation of 1,200 people, the survey captured the first memory of the interviewee when asked about the brands of products, services and communication.

Camil wins three trophies at the 2019 EMBANEWS Award
Camil and its packaging agency Spice Design won three trophies at the 28th edition of the Brazilian Packaging Award, organized by EMBANEWS, the leading national vehicle in this sector. Camil Minute Homemade Rice packaging (Design category), Camil Line and Camil Gourmet (Marketing category), were recognized for their innovative and qualitative work.

South 500 Largest 2019 – Rank
Among the 500 Largest in the South, Camil was in 27th position and among the 100 Largest in RS in 8th position. The Company was also ranked 1st in the Agricultural category for Highest Net Revenue.

Estadão Empresa Mais 2019
Camil ranked 100th in the top 100 groups (based on the exclusive survey index) and 174th place among the 1500 largest companies based on net revenue.

Valor 1000 Award 2019
The 18th edition of the Valor 1000 Award, which lists the 1000 largest companies operating in Brazil according to the financial information of each company, classified Camil in 118th position in the Ranking, being in the category of Food and Beverages in Current Liquidity, 9th position.

Melhores e Maiores Exame 2018
We are in the seventh position on Revista Exame’s ranking “As Maiores e Melhores 2018”, which evaluated over 1,000 companies in the country.

Camil and União win prize for best Rice, Beans, and Sugar brands in Datafolha’s survey in 2018
In Datafolha’s survey “O Melhor de São Paulo – Restaurantes, Bares & Cozinha”, Camil (in the Rice and Beans category) and União (in the Sugar category) were the best brands in their categories by the third consecutive year.

Super Varejo includes Camil in the ranking “As 5 mais de 2018” in Sugar and Canned Tuna
Super Varejo magazine published the ranking “As 5 mais 2018” and included Camil products in the categories:

  • White Sugar: 1st position in Brazil, MG, ES, countryside RJ, Greater Rio de Janeiro, Greater São Paulo, countryside São Paulo, DF, GO, and MS; 2nd position in PR, SC, and RS; and 3rd position in Northeast Region.
  • Granulated Sugar: 1st position in Greater São Paulo; 2nd position in Greater Rio de Janeiro; 3rd position in Northeast Region, countryside São Paulo, PR, SC and RS; and 5th position in Brazil, MG, ES, countryside RJ, DF, GO, and MS.
  • Sweetener: 2nd position in Greater Rio de Janeiro, Greater São Paulo, and countryside São Paulo; 3rd position in Brazil, MG, ES, countryside RJ, PR, SC, and RS; and 5th position in Northeast Region, DF, GO, and MS.
  • Canned Tuna: 2nd position in Brazil, MG, ES, countryside RJ, Greater Rio de Janeiro, Greater São Paulo, countryside São Paulo, PR, SC, RS, DF, GO, and MS.

IR Magazine Awards 2018 – Best IR by CEO or CFO an IR Executive Small cap
We received for the first time the awards by IR Magazine Awards as “Best IR by CEO or CFO Small cap” (1st place – Flavio Vargas) and “Best IR Executive Small cap” (1st place – Guilherme Salem).

Acknowledgments Institutional Investor 2018
We received for the first time acknowledgments Institutional Investor in Food & Beverages – Small Caps in the following categories:

  • “Best CFO” – 2nd place in “General” category (Flavio Vargas);
  • “Best IR Professional” – 2nd place in “General” and “Appointed by Buy-side Analysts” categories (Jenifer Nicolini);
  • “Best Team for Relationships with Investors – 3rd place in “General” category;
  • “Best Program for Relationships with Investors” – 2nd place in “General” and “Appointed by Buy-side Analysts” categories, and 1st place in “Appointed by Sell-side Analysts” category; and
  • “Best Event – Camil Day” – 2nd place in “General” category.

Prêmio Valor 1000 2018
The 18th Edition of Prêmio Valor 1000, which indicates the 1000 greatest companies operating in Brazil according to the financial information of each Company, classified Camil in the 118th position in the ranking, and in the 9th position in “Food and Beverages in Current Liquidity” category.

The Best of Dinheiro Rural 2018
For the second consecutive year, Camil Alimentos was awarded as the Company of the Year in “As Melhores da Dinheiro Rural”, an award existing since 2013.

Selo RA 1000 2018
Camil Alimentos received in 2018 the Selo RA 1000 seal, awarded by Reclame Aqui, for its excellence in customer services. The seal is awarded by companies which have significant service rates carried out online, with a high level of reputation.

Prêmio APAS Acontece 2018
Camil Alimentos wins for the second time the Prêmio APAS Acontece, in “Grocery and Commodities” category. In 2017, Camil was awarded in “Salty Food” Category.

Troféu Carrinho de Ouro 2017
Troféu Carrinho de Ouro, an award by Associação Maranhense de Supermercados (Amasp) since 1994, stands out every year the 10 best companies in retailer market by their innovative actions and results that directly had an impact on the generation of jobs and revenue in the state of Maranhão throughout the year.

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